Montgomery-Plant-Dudley Post 10


The Last Bugle


Montgomery - Plant - Dudley 

Legionnaires of Post 10


In Honor of Our Members

Who Have Passed to Another Life This Year 



James Erickson                   January 19                           Korea

Lawrence Last                     January 20                           WWII

Roger Lenzner                     January 20                           Vietnam

Norbert  Berg                       February 1                           WWII

Douglas Despins                 April 3                                  Korea

Ronald Christian                 April 12                                Korea

Fred Mehre                          April 14                                Korea

George Wagner                   April 19                                Korea

Albert Deiler                        June 3                                  Korea

Eugene Eckes                     June 9                                  WWII

Daniel Hauer                       June 12                                Korea

Ronald Keberle                   June 22                                WWII

Norbert Gauthier                 June 23                                Korea

Frederick Lang                      July 3                                 WWII

Terry Ludwig                       August 16                            Vietnam

Jerry Rohloff                       August 18                            Vietnam

Arthur Bialkowsky               September 3                       Korea

Burleigh Meurette                October 6                            Korea

George Guenther                 October 22                           WWII

Howard Waldinger               October 24                           WWII

James Gassner                    November 26                       WWII

Bernie Johns                        November 29                       Korea

Larry Seidler                         December 13                       Vietnam

Jerry Hanson                        December 13                       Korea

Jack Schaefer                       December 26                       Korea